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The terraXcube is a research infrastructure in Bolzano/Bozen (South Tyrol/Italy) that simulates the Earth’s most extreme climatic conditions to study their influence on humans, ecological processes and technologies.

The structure is unique in the world and permits testing of the intrinsic relationship between environmental stresses and the physiological and ecological responses of humans and nature, as well as the effects of these stresses on material and product performance.

From storms atop the Himalayas to extreme arctic cold to the scorching heat of the North African deserts, all of the Earth’s climates—pushed to their extremes—can be found at Eurac Research’s terraXcube. Its range of climactic chambers can house equipment, machinery, plants and other organisms, as well as products both small and large for extended periods of time.

It centres on the concept of cubes, the “Large Cube” and the “Small Cube” – two distinct chambers for environmental simulation that enable a broad spectrum of experiments and tests.

On 30th of November take place the official opening of the cubes. In the “Large Cube” the VIP-Guests could admire in a space of 360 m³ a Snow Cat from the leading manufacturer Prinoth, which was covered totally with fresh snow. When the red door was opened the guests find an amazing atmosphere created by 12 pieces of ZENIT W600, 08 pieces of PIXBAR 600 PRO IP65and a few ZENIT P 130. At the end on the windshield of the “Leitwolf” there was even projected the custom gobo terraXcube with the brand new LED  Moving Head OPUS SP5.

Lightdesigner and CEO of the providing local rental company AJB-sound & light, Andy Faitelli, had no doubt that all headlights works perfectly also under difficult climate conditions. Particularly he praised the precision of the OPUS SP5 in projecting the custom gobo on the outer side of the red door in overlapping it with the foil lettering.

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